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Location 1 Thanin market
Food name :
1. Mango sticky rice ( khao niew ma moung ) 50 baht
2. Thai rice pudding ( khanom Krok) 20 baht
3. Sweet cream crepe ( Khanom beuang) 20 baht
4. Northern thai sausage ( Sai oua) 25 baht
5. Deep fried shrimp meat roll with plum sauce ( Hoi jor ) 60 baht
Total price 175 baht

Location 2 Sornchan restaurant
1. Spicy minced pork salad ( Larb moo) 50 baht
2. Northern pork curry ( Gang hung lay) 50 baht
3. Sticky rice ( khao niew) 12 baht
Total price 112 baht

Location 3 Chang phueak food night market

Tel. 0813662969
Food name :
1 Stewed pork knuckle with rice
( Khao kha Moo) 30 baht
Total price 30 baht

Location 4 Warorot market
Food name :
1. Rice noodle with spicy pork soup ( Khanom jeen nam ngiao) 20 baht
2 .Spicy noodles salad ( Yam kuay tiew) 40 baht
Total price 60 baht

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