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Lili Reinhart may be on Riverdale, but she’s standing up for Finn Wolfhard and the rest of the Stranger Things cast.

Lili Reinhart feels for Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard who was criticized for not stopping to take pictures with fans waiting outside his hotel.

Finn Wolfhard recently found himself under fire after he chose not to stop to take pictures with fans who were waiting outside his hotel. The 14-year-old was called rude and heartless following the incident, which was caught on camera.

Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser defended her co-star, saying QUOTE “No actor is under any obligation to stop for anyone. Finn is an incredibly kind human. But he's human and he needs breaks too.”

But while she meant well, she ended up getting hate for her words, too. Now, Lili Reinhart is stepping in to defend Finn and the rest of the Stranger Things kids from the criticism.

Lili chatted with Elle magazine about what happened to Finn and how she can relate to the uncomfortable situation he was put in by fans. She said QUOTE “My heart definitely goes out to the Stranger Things cast. I think it’s sickening and disgusting to see someone calling out poor Finn, who’s just this young actor, calling him out for being rude because he’s not stopping. He’s an actor, but he never asked you to take time out of your day to wait for him and his autograph and for a picture with him.”

The 21-year-old actress understands that the fans were just trying to show their support by wanting pictures and autographs, but thinks QUOTE “there shouldn’t come a sense of entitlement from fans that we owe them every second of our lives.”

Lili continued saying QUOTE “Yes, we as actors are so appreciative of our fans, but there comes a point where, if we’ve been working all day, we don’t owe 100 percent of ourselves to anyone, and that shouldn’t be expected. Finn is a human; he’s a kid. And to call him rude for not taking every second that he has out of his day to take a photo with someone, it’s ridiculous. My heart goes out to him, because I definitely understand. You know, we’re human beings.”

We totally understand wanting to interact with your favorite celebrities, but it’s important to remember that they’re people, too, and need a break every now and then. Do you agree with Lili’s perspective, or do you think Finn should’ve stopped to take pictures with the people who were waiting outside his hotel? Tell us what you think in the comments below. When you’re done with that, click here to find out how Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse reacted to Bughead’s breakup on last week’s episode of Riverdale. I’m your host Drew Dorsey, thanks for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time.

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