Stylophone Gen X1 giveaway over on my patreon! aswell as an extended download of this jam .wav file!:-

Jamming with the kosmo 2.0, a stylophone GEN X-1 100 Oscillator mega drone. Along with an adjusted module of the previous arduino keyboard sequencer, that is jigged up to be presets!

also later on this month stems will be made available for it over on my Patreon.

for more info on the arduino keyboard controller check it out here :-

A bit more info on how this was done.

- Vocal loop goes into electro harmonix 45000, which also has a homemade passive mute pedal! and a reverb and a vocal transformer in its loop. so you can bring it in and out, send one side of the outs to pitch up and also reverb and stuff. That mic is phantom power, annoyingly i lost my phantom power box, so i had to run it through a mixer just to power it!, but when in headphones, its worth having a more crisp vocal than an sm58. and my SM7's capsule has broken (if your reading this and distribute shure mics,,, pleeeeease can i have a new capsule for my SM7, they cost nearly as much as the mic to replace!) :) :) :).
-the bass line is sequenced by the beatstep pro. The keyboard has a rotary switch that can select between midi channels 1-4 channel 1 and 2 go to the first beatstep (the only one im using in this video) channel one is the bass line, so i play it in and the beatstep records it, youll notice the riff is 128 steps long, so i had to half the speed of that sequence and pplay half time as the beatstep can only do 64 steps.
then i flicked over to midi channel 2, the step was set to 6 steps long, and i recorded in some notes in the Am chord as an arperggio kinda thing.

- the presets to make it suddenly go big are explained at the end of the video!
-I added a band pass to the kick module last which which i can switch on and off, really useful to bring the lows out and sweep up to build to a "drop"
-the juno is going through a vca gate, which is triggered by a trigger out on the beatstep. just wack the release to max, and to the second poly mode (what makes the juno 106 a million times better than the juno 6 and 60), which then removes the last played notes
-the beatstep is utilising all of its 16 drum trigger outs with a piece of arduino code which is touched on in a zine on my patreon!

any more info just ask in the comments!

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