Black Panther is one of those films that can easily turn those who usually shun superhero films into diehard fans. Though Marvel's latest film has been making waves for its killer soundtrack as well as its stunning cinematic visuals and gripping storyline, it's also notable for the emphasis it places on strong, intelligent female characters and how integral they are to the overall plot.

Two of those powerful characters are played by Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira. Rather than fading into the background, or appearing solely as a love interest, their characters, Nakia and Okoye are a spy and the General of the Special Forces, respecitvely. We caught up with both ladies prior to the release of "the most anticipated superhero movie of all time" to chat about what it was like to be part of an action film that celebrates women and the most challenging aspects of their roles.

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Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o Cutest Moments 😍

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