00:00 - I can tell the circumference of someone's head just by looking at them.
03:27 - I can tell if someone is left or right handed just by looking at their ears.
06:04 - I can smell if there's a dead fly in the room."
09:59 - I have perfect pitch, so can listen to any noise and tell you what musical note it is.
12:06 - I can tell if somebody mainly drinks tea or coffee just by listening to their stomach.
18:32 - If you give me any date before the year 2000 I can instantly tell you what day of the week it was.

21:33 - I can write so well with my right foot, that to save time writing Christmas cards, I simultaneously write one card with my hand, and one card with my foot.
25:23 - Because I can never remember the phonetic alphabet, I have invented my own based on things I can see from my bedroom window. Now I never forget it.
28:44 - This is the set of keys I carry around with me every day. I know what every single one is for, apart from one.
34:10 - I can always remember all my ex-girlfriends' names and the order in which I went out with them because their initials happen to make the acronym, BERMUDA.
38:43 - When my kids were younger, I designed a special system for remembering which Teletubby was which.

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