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Thank you for shopping with the affiliate link above and supporting us! Below is a list of tools we use. You can click the link above, then copy/paste the Item # in the search bar to find each item.

**Hand Tools**
Scratch Awl - Item #3217-00
Precision Craft Knife - Item #3031-00
Strap Cutter - Item #3080-00
Adjustable Groover - Item #8074-00
Pro Classic Edgers - Item #83001-02
Edge Paint Roller Pen - Item #3437-00
Rotary Punch - Item #3230-00
Wood Slicker - Item #8121-00
Poly Roller Tool - Item #8080-00
Pro Poly Maul - Item #35062-02
Craftool Oblong Hole Punch - Item #3121-06
Point Strap End Punch - Item #3172-06
Round End Punch - Item #3171-06

Craftool® Pro Stitch Master® Sewing Machine - Item #3975-01
Pro Hand Press - Item #3960-00
Burnishing Machine - Item #3972-00
Pro Clicker Press - Item #3974-00
Pro Tipping Machine - Item #3973-00
Heat Imprinting Machine - Item #3970-00

**Other Supplies**

Premium Applicator Sponges - Item #3451-00
Adhesive Eraser - Item #3454-00
Beeswax block - Item #2014-00
2 .lb Mini Anvil - Item #3101-00
Cutting Board - Item #3464-00
Barge Cement - Item #2510-04
Glue pot - Item #42515-000
Neatsfoot Oil - Item #21998-00


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