Part 2 of making more acrylic powders using chalk after seeing this method on tik tok! I took a lot of your guys feedback for this video!


♡ The codes and amazon links below are affiliate which means I earn a small commission if you use them, if you don't want to - I understand ♡

Swatch sticks: *
Heart dish: *
Crayola chalk: *
Luminous chalk: *
Glitter chalk: *
Glass jars: *
Clear acrylic & monomer: *
White Acrylic: *
E-file: *
Sanding bits: *

Dust collector: *
Label maker: *
Butterfly stickers: *
Flame stickers: *
Gold decals: *
Flowers: *
Space kitty gel:
Gel on other hand: *
Top coat: *

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