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Supply List:
2x - White gloss paint :
1x - Sealer/clear coat
1x Plastic 5 gallon bucket. Any color really works after paint
1x Ruler
1x sharpie/permanent marker

sandpaper. 60-100 grit, 220ish grit, 400 grit and 1000 for the last layer of paint (last coat of white)
Knife of some sort
*saw - easiest but can also use the knife.
*Dremel tool - Not necessary but useful for SO MANY THINGS if you don't have one already. Around $40 for a kit.
*Electronic sander (also not necessary but speeds up the process a ton! ($25)
1x Window screen (more like cloth and less like the steel type
1x some sort of black fabric to see through
1x hot glue gun

In total I think I calculated it was about $25 to make the helmet, and if you were to make two, the price goes down a ton for the second since you would really only need to buy another 5 gallon bucket.

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