On Episode 19, Michael Vick joins the I Am Athlete crew and the guys talk about everything from CTE, to adversity to passing the torch when the game is no longer your game.  

Brandon opens up about watching a film his former teammate directed about CTE and asks the guys if they are willing to donate their brain to eerie silence fills the room, as they all realize the hits and damage over the years. Posing the question, if the guys would let their young children play the sport, Channing and Brandon say no while Chad, Fred and Mike don't feel you should live life by what ifs and wouldn't stop their children. Channing shares what it was like watching his former friend and NFL teammate Junior Seau suffer the effects of CTE and the tragedy surrounding the illness. 

Fred talks adversity over the years and turns to Vick who opens up about the challenges he's faced and assuming responsibility instead of putting the blame on others. Channing doesn't miss the chance to bust Fred for being squeaky clean and staying out of the headlines when he shares a story that's peanuts in comparison to what the rest of the guys went through. 

Yet no episode seems complete without a Chad and Brandon battle, and this week it's about Cam Newton's future in the NFL. Chad insists Cam will stay in New England while Brandon says no team will take him as a starter which leads into Vick describing what it was like to pass the torch to the younger generation of quarterbacks and when he knew it was time to hang up his cleats. 

Chef Nancie shows her NFL innocence when she can't place Vick with any of the teams he played for and the crew, in disbelief, break out into laughter as she answers. But Vick remains impressed that Chef knows who his wife is and says that's all that matters.

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A Football Life Chad Johnson

One of my favorite players in NFL history. I do not own the rights to this content.

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