Popular and brave author Michelle Malkin ("Culture of Corruption") came ready for a fight with the Obama sycophants on The View, but in the end the unprepared hosts were no match for Michelle, having no choice but to roll over while Michelle bested their arguments and exposed the myth of Barack Obama.

The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Melissa Ethridge Argue Over Gay Marriage

"The View"--December 16, 2008 Melissa Ethridge stops by The View to talk about her new Christmas Album in addition to talk about Equality for Gay Cou...

The View: Joy And Elizabeth Battle Pt-One 4-14-08

The View finally got good again. Joy and the gang fight over politics.

Michelle Malkin: 'Deep state' operatives need to be exposed

'Michelle Malkin Investigates' host speaks out on 'Watters World'

Michelle Malkin Obliterates James Carville

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Michelle Malkin: The NFL Will Not Survive By Insulting & Trashing Its Own Customer Base(VIDEO)!

Michelle Malkin: The NFL will not survive by insulting and trashing its own customer base. Michelle Malkin was on FOX News’ Judge Janine Show and she ...