After reading fairy tales Mimi realizes that the princess in the story always ends up with her prince. Mimi wants to see a princess have a happily ever after without it involving a prince. After thinking about this idea Mimi takes matters into her own hands and decides to write her own fairy tale where that is the case!

Ellie's CrAZy No Sleep Night!

Ellie decides to try and stay awake ALL night so she can finish her homework… But when Ellie takes a sip of ‘Super Stay-Awake Energy Juice’, things tu...

Mimi's New Guests Are The Lost Kitties!!

This week SevenSuperGirls has partnered with Hasbro to show you a brand new toy called Lost Kitties! This fun toy will be released on June 1st!! Toda...

The Day Mimi Became A Living Doll!

While Mimi is helping out with her mom's doll sale something crazy happens and Mimi turns into a living doll! Mimi is bought by a little girl who thin...

Mimi's Beauty Guru Epic Fail!

Mimi films a beauty guru video but as she's editing it she realizes that everything she did was, EPIC FAIL!

Mimi Has a Superpower She Doesn't Want

Mimi has the opportunity to get a superpower, but she totally messes it up and chooses a power that's not so super!

Mimi TRIES to Make 3 Crazy Slimes!!!

Mimi makes 3 types of slime she's never made before: glitter slime, fluffy slime, and butter slime!!!