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These two boxes form the heart of the rest of my synth... these two boxes i take everywhere without fail, aswell as a korg ms10..... then other peripherals and whatever.

I did this video due to lots of people asking, and ive been working on a few big projects recently that arent quite done yet!!! ooh and also was in ireland messing around with moooooogs :O.

over time these two boxes have gradually become more and more PCB's purely down to reliability, however its still about 50/50 pcb/proto board!.

the filter i said about is this one.....
with a stripboard layout, it was my first synth module i ever built and i highly recommend it to anybody with a bit of soldering knowledge, but doesnt know where to start with modulars!

stuff to think about from this video.

-building your own boxes!! it dont cost anything. screw into wood your sorted.
-keep it metric! dont be crazy now.
- hexinverter drums sadly are not available DIY anymore!!!! :(.

- Always check datasheets for chips!!!! becuase they usually have the building blocks for synth module designs!!!
-RYO OPTODIST. search it up! you can get it from THONK in the UK. its basically an opamp boost. but also an added amount of diode clipping!

any questions. please ask. i will try and answer.

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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P

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