Check out the Most PAINFUL Insect Stings In The World! From the worst ant bites to some incredible wasp stings, this top 10 list will amaze you what some animals can do!

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10. Yellow Jacket Wasp
Yellow Jacket Wasps are the number one cause of stings on humans in the US as a whole. Variations can be found in countries around the world, with some being bold, aggressive, and able to sting their targets repeatedly. Chances are that you’ve experienced a sting by a Yellow Jacket yourself, and it can be a nasty sensation.

9. Trap-Jaw Ant
The Trap Jaw ant is a type of carnivorous ant that lives in Central and South America, as well as Asia, Australia, and Africa. There are more than 1000 different species of Trap Jaw ant, each of which has the telltale giant jaws that can snap shut quicker than the blink of an eye- sometimes as fast as in one-tenth of a millisecond.

8. Paper Wasp
Paper wasps are found in North America, mainly throughout the Southern Midwest and the South. Unlike other wasp species, they are known to share nests with others and even return to the same nest for multiple seasons. Paper Wasps are the most common type of sting encountered by people in the Southern US and have longer and more slender bodies than yellow jackets.

7. Maricopa Harvester Ant
The Maricopa Harvester Ant is commonly found in Arizona and other southern US states. They tend to build their nests in mounds of rocks and gravel, but can also create cemented caps on the tops of nests that are built in softer areas. While they may look no different to other types of ants, these ones pack a punch with their bite.

6. Giant Bull Ant
Giant Bull ants are one of the largest types of ant in the world, and can grow up to 40 mm in length (1.57 inches). They are very recognizable both by their huge size and their giant mandibles. Of course these giant ants with potent venom are native to…..Australia!! Obviously!!

5. Velvet Ant
Velvet ants are actually a family of more than 3,000 different species of wasp. (Their name is very misleading)! The females are wingless and, therefore, resemble furry ants running around. They can be any of a range of colors, such as orange, red, or gold, and are found throughout the world- with 400 species in the American Southwest alone! I saw a big, fuzzy white one running around while I was visiting family in New Mexico!

4. Warrior Wasp
The Warrior Wasp is a species endemic to Central and South America. It's a large paper wasp that builds complex colonies to combat the large number of predators it faces in the region. The species swarms when moving from nest to nest, and can be highly aggressive. It does, of course, have a powerful defense method with its sting- one that's ranked at the top level of a number of pain measures, and is said to be traumatically painful.

3. Tarantula Hawk
Is it a bird? Is it a spider? It’s the tarantula hawk!! They are actually a type of spider wasp and get their name from their fondness for hunting tarantulas. Reaching up to 4.5 inches in length (11.43 cm), there are 133 known species of tarantula hawks across South and Central America, along with the southern US.

2. Bullet Ant
Bullet ants are found in the tropical forests of central and South America, and are identifiable by their red and black coloration, along with their large pincers and a visible stinger. They can grow from 18-30 mm (0.7-1.2 in), and build colonies of a few hundred individuals around the bases of trees.

1. Executioner Wasp
Executioner wasps are found in Central and South America, where locals do everything they can to avoid contact with the species. It's a large species of paper wasp, with vivid yellow and brown colorations, and can be identified by their large wings and mandibles, and almost futuristic looking design.

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