Mulan All songs HD
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Bring honor tu us all at 0:18
Reflection at 3:26
il make a man out of you at 5:52
A girl worth fighting for at 9:13

Jodi Benson - Part of Your World (From "The Little Mermaid")

Walt Disney Records: The Legacy Collection – The Little Mermaid is available now! Get it here: Play along with "Part of You...

Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (Lilo and Stitch)

Lilo and Stitch Part - 1 soundtrack - song-"Suspicious Minds" by Elvis Presley.

Teen Titans Go! | Raven Knows Everything! | DC Kids

Raven's Ancient Legends book contains hundreds of ancient myths and legends about all things magical. Along with her vast knowledge of mystical object...

Mulan in 13 minutes

On my way to Toronto I got bored and decided to play with iMovie. Here's the product. The quality is kinda bad and I'm a sucky editor, but give me cre...

Top 5 Disney Woman Songs

These are my top 5 favorite songs from Disney Movies sung by a strong female character that I like to call Disney Dames. Enjoy and as always comment, ...

Mulan - i'll make a man out of you

Lovely song from the movie Mulan!