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National Hurricane Center: Florence reaching coast

Ken Graham of the National Hurricane Center updates Hurricane Florence's track, fears higher rainfall totals as Category 2 storm slows down. FOX News...

Tracking Hurricane Florence: East Coast Braces For Landfall | TODAY

The East Coast is bracing for potentially catastrophic weather conditions as Hurricane Florence is closing in on the region. Thousands of flights have...

Air Force plane flies into Hurricane Florence

Watch as a US Air Force plane flies into the eye of Hurricane Florence to collect weather data for the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane damage: What will it do to my home?

Here’s an animated explanation of what hurricane categories mean and the damage that can happen to your home

Dangerous Storm Surge From Hurricane Florence Begins To Flood Carolina Streets | NBC Nightly News

The National Hurricane Center has predicted a 13 foot storm surge amid concern that the storm’s drop from Category 4 to Category 2 could create a fals...

East Coast Residents Prepare for Hurricane Florence

Florence is coming and East Coast residents are going. The National Hurricane Center says the storm could intensify to a Category 5 storm, and residen...