Nick Minaj sat down and did her first interview of 2018 with Zane Lowe on Apple Music Beats 1. Nicki promoted her two new singles Barbie Tingz and Chun Li (which currently occupy the top two spots on iTunes). Nicki also opened up about her alleged feud with Cardi B.
Nicki and Cardi B collaborated with the Migos on the song "Motorsport." The song was a smash hit, but there was some behind the scenes drama that occurred between Cardi and Nicki. Hip hop commentator, DJ Akademiks, revealed that Nicki wrote a few lines in her verse that offended Cardi B. Nicki was prompted to revise her verse. After the song was made, Cardi revealed that Nicki did in fact revise her verse. Nicki said her feelings were hurt when she heard Cardi say that. She was also upset that neither Cardi or Quavo (from the Migos) came to her defense when she was getting criticized for not filming any scenes with Cardi in their music video. Nicki said that Cardi never showed her any "genuine love" until recently.

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