Created by David James Armsby.

Welcome back to Autodale, children. Today's programming is nearly done, which means it is time for bed. But sadly, not all dreams are sweet, some are scary and full of monsters. If any night terrors haunt your sleep, children; always remember that you're safe in Autodale. There are no monsters here.

This film is a sequel to my recent animated short "Being Pretty". That being said, I did try to make this work as a stand-alone story.

This short was a massive undertaking. It was fun and horrible to work on. I put more hours into this short than any of my other animations (Besides Parallel). I put more detail into the backdrops, pictures and animation than I ever have before. I think this short broke me mentally. That being said; I think it may have some of the best imagery I've ever created.

Making of:
"Being Pretty":

Voice work by Adrienne Cox.
Song by Ross Bugden.

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