As Starship SN15 prepares to roll to the launch site, the Forward Dome of SN20 has been spotted, with this vehicle set to be an Orbital Class Starship.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal). Edited by Theo Ripper (@TheoRipper).

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0:00 - SN20 Forward Dome
0:44 - Sleeved Dome on Stand
1:14 - Thrust Dome
2:24 - Orbital Launch Table Work Continues
2:54 - Starship SN15 & New GSE Tank
3:53 - Work Continues at Orbital Launch Site
4:45 - GSE-1 Tank Attached to Tankzilla
8:35 - LOX Distiller Site Work Continues
9:17 - Propellant Tank
11:06 - New Nosecone Spotted
11:46 - Ring Section Transporting

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