Here's the test episode of our new show! We're experimenting with a longer-form format with multiple segments. There's a lot packed into this and we're excited! To see the FULL BLOOPERS vid, head on over to We need your support to make this baby sing (Creed's "My Own Prison," that is).

This show has everything: retro couches, belly rubs, nasty dumps, goose bashes, new characters, old characters, news, music videos, vlogs, sketches, and one incredibly timed, very fortunate segment-segueing booty whisper. It's "Your Show" because YOU'RE watching it and YOU can be part of it and help mold future episodes by becoming part of our awesome Patreon community.

A massive, folksy thanks to Matthew Boman for helping us film the couch segments, and Kait, our intern/PA/all-around wondrous human, for filming and editing Out Yonder. Thank you to Kevin Plachy for editing the news segment. Also shout-out to Andy Mogren for helping us with our animations, and David Morgan for designing our logo! And thanks, of course, to Aaron Massey (AKA Mr. Fix-It), for being manly and helping us non-mans build a desk!
Check him out here:

So let's discuss some things...

Yes, the news stories are old. This is a format test, and the news segment was filmed early on because it's slightly more involved than the other parts. In the future, the stories will be current. You'll learn. You'll laugh. You'll cringe. Sometimes it'll be Elliott C. Morgan and Lee Newton. Other times, it may be Joe Bereta and Luke Barats (if we can get him).

Yes, we will likely break the show up into parts and post individual video segments as well. BUT, some of those stand-alone segments will have extra moments/bits/jokes added to increase viewing pleasure and shareability. Our goal with this here video is to create a show where people feel comfortable watching for twenty minutes.

Schedule?! The next episode drops in two weeks. We've finally built our team up so we can streamline this into a weekly show, aka a full week's worth of content all the time. IT'S HAPPENING!!

Finally ~THANK YOU~ for watching, for your feedback, for sharing and for gifting us with the opportunity to make some awesome stuff for the world. We get to make this because of all of you. That's why this is YOUR SHOW. Enjoy.


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