Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s rocket-hammer wielding knight in our latest animated short: Honor and Glory! Then begin your watch on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One:

Learn more about Reinhardt:

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Overwatch | Full Movie

A somewhat chronological and continuous edit of almost every Overwatch cinematic released by Blizzard as of November 5th 2016. I purposefully left out...

Overwatch Animated Short | Honor and Glory Reaction Mashup

Subscribe: Instagram: @subbotinrroma Original video: My name is Roma. I am 19 years ...

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[SFM]Overwatch-The past of Rein

This is a fan-fiction made by myself.This video was made by SFM. Working E-mail:[email protected]

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Overwatch Reinhardt Short REACTION! & THE NEW HERO MOIRA!

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