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Building an Epic Igloo!

When we were in Utah filming the Frozen Rap, we decided to make an EPIC IGLOO as well! Let us know what you guys think and also if you're interested,...

Parkourse Pond Edition! (Ep.7)

It was a nice beautiful day in vegas, so we decided to go to a new park that we've never been to.. which eventually led to a new episode of Parkourse....

Parkourse at the Park! (ep.3)

Yet another free day and another fun, safe game of Parkourse! :) New #TEEHEE app here: iPhone: Android: Fo...

Playing Spyfall! (Ep.5)

Back at it again with Spyfall! Beware the wildcard... Order my book "how to write good"

Cooking, But Not Really: PIZZARITOS!

We brought back Cooking, But Not Really! This time Sean and I decided to create Pizza Burritos.. or Pizzaritos.. a college kids dream. Nigahiga Cha...