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Parkourse at Home! (ep.2)

Due to popular request and sheer boredom, we brought back Parkourse! This is seriously the kind of things we do on our free time even when the cameras...

Parkourse Hiking Trail! (Ep.5)

Went hiking up one of our favorite spots to film at and decided to do a game of Parkourse on the way! New #TEEHEE app here: iPhone:

Parkourse Pond Edition! (Ep.7)

It was a nice beautiful day in vegas, so we decided to go to a new park that we've never been to.. which eventually led to a new episode of Parkourse....

If Star Wars Took Place Today!

Star War's is supposed to take place LONG AGO in a galaxy far, far away... but what would it look like NOW, in a galaxy close, close by? Also, just b...

Will & Greg Show: Rocket Launching Cardboard Mech Robot (Ep. 9)

On this episode, we protect the earth from alien invaders by making a cardboard mech robot that fires rockets...seriously...please do not try at home....

Minecraft Noobs: The Leap of Death!

Now that I'm a pro minecraftererer.. I asked these noobs, Will & Sean to join me in a group Minecraft adventure! Nigahiga Channel http://www.youtub...