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Common Physics Misconceptions

What if you thought the earth was flat? And then you found out it isn't? MinutePhysics is on Google+ - And facebook - http://fa...

When cream hits coffee, the physics is magical

Something peculiar happens when you add cream to coffee: for a split second, it floats. Scientists just figured out exactly how it works, and it cou...

How to Focus Intensely

Click here to sign up for free and the first 200 people to sign up get 20% off an annual subscription: __ Inst...

Quantum Physics for 7 Year Olds | Dominic Walliman | TEDxEastVan

In this lighthearted talk Dominic Walliman gives us four guiding principles for easy science communication and unravels the myth that quantum physics ...

BIGGEST Sea Creatures Around The World!

Check out the biggest sea creatures around the world! This top 10 list of largest ocean animals on earth features some crazy monsters lurking in the d...

Introduction to physics | One-dimensional motion | Physics | Khan Academy

An overview video of what physics is about as we delve deeper in future videos! Watch the next lesson: