Plane Engine Explodes, Parts Fall From The Sky In Colorado
In Broomfield, distressed airplane and falling parts attract crowds and strange reactions
“There was a lot of debris raining from the sky,” said a resident with an engine part in his yard
Longtime Broomfield residents had never seen the sights they witnessed Saturday after airplane debris landed in their lawns and damaged their properties.
A Boeing 777 headed for Hawaii was forced to make an emergency landing Saturday, spewing parts across the neighborhood of Northmoor.

“Were we under attack?”
That’s what Mary Ellen Sucato thought when she heard loud booms. The 81-year-old was upstairs as airplane parts rained over her neighborhood. She was able to laugh about it when she realized what had happened. Across the street from her Elmwood Street home was a towering 20-foot circular object that was in front of Kirby Klements’ door.
“At first I thought it was part of a UFO,” Sucato said.
Klements was with his wife inside his home when he heard a loud bang. The couple looked at each other, trying to figure out what happened, he said. Outside, the “UFO” had crashed into his front window. Klements’ truck also sustained damage.
“First, I thought it was debris from a trampoline from my neighbor’s yard,” he said. “Came out and knew right away that it was the front of an engine of an airplane.
“There was a lot of debris raining from the sky.”
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