STill got a lot of packages. Probably will last for another year. On a side note, more 2nd channel vids soon. editing with premiere from now on, gon' be a tedious transition, but i think it's for the best.



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Trapping and Relocating Squirrels - An Examination

I'm a professional. If you try this, you will get FREAKING SHRKE'D BY THESE WHILD ANIMALS. If you want to see MORE CAPTURING of these lil BEASTZ let m...

Bad Unboxing - Fan Mail (Garbage Special)

Thanks for the horrible packages. Big ups to all the people who were kind enough to send me packages. __ SUBSCRIBE ►

Content Cop - Jake Paul

Jake Paul content cop. I'm glad you guys suggested it. Thank you. DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES:

Strange man opens a lot of boxes - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

In this episode We unbox a few packages. We got a lot more waiting in the queue. I'll try to get to them ASAP! Thanks for all the love, support, and g...

LEGIT FOOD REVIEW - Dumpster Chicken (Ft. H3H3)

Link to H3H3's video is below. Apologies for not doing a complete review. The wind picked up and ruined the audio quality. Next time I'll bring a wind...

Magician Hates Fan Mail - Bad Unboxing

Thank you so much for all the kind letters and gifts. Heart __ SUBSCRIBE ► Main Channe...