First Rebecca Zamolo created "I got proposed to on a unicorn for prom!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "Rebecca said yes!" Finally the Game Master Network made "Saying yes to evil Daniel for 24 hours challenge." Now it is finally the big day. Prom is here. We get to celebrate winning this moment and challenge with J15 magazine. Maddie will reveal her secret prom date. Maybe this is her new crush? Matt's best friend brings a surprise crush to prom and might get his first kiss. Rebecca has two dates, her amazing husband and her ex boyfriend who mysteriously found her. Whichever couple wins the most challenges will be King and Queen. First is a fashion show. Next is couples dancing and Matt and Rebecca recreate their viral flash mob. Who do you think will win? This might have been a bad idea. At the end Preston and Brianna crashed the prom. Why is he here? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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