Has pumpkin spice gone too far?!? (Gunna go ahead & guess YES...) We tasted all the weirdest pumpkin-flavored sweets out there, from the yummy to the WTF, so you don’t have to. (You’re welcome.) And there’s a LOT this Halloween season. Twinkies, Kit Kats, Pop Tarts…MARSHMALLOWS? This madness needs to stop.

Is there a pumpkin spice-flavored food we HAVEN’T tried yet?! (Please say No…) What’s YOUR go-to pumpkin treat? And the most pressing question of all - do you eat your pop-tarts cold or hot??? Let us know in the comments!

Check out our original Pumpkin Spice Challenge! ►►

Love Halloween? We love it so much we became the witches from HOCUS POCUS! Check it out on our new series “Boo-ty Break” ►►

Talk to the girls about the episode!

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