Today, we react to Rocket League videos with 0 views... Are the videos underrated or do they actually deserve no views? Lets find out!

Videos i thought were insane:
Dizzo2121 montage-
Seaside Epidemic montage -

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1 Supersonic Legend vs 2 Grand Champs (feat. Jon Sandman & Athena)

In today's Rocket League video, I challenged @Jon Sandman & @Athena to 2v1. 2 Grand champs take on 1 Supersonic Legend in a best of 3 Rocket League sh...

Rocket League CHAMPS vs PROS (but the pros have to get more and more drunk each game)

How drunk do SSLs have to be before champ 2s can beat them? Hit me up! Tik Tok: Twitter:

I replaced Squishy on NRG & this is what happened... | 3’s Until I Lose Ep. 13 | Rocket League

sub to GarrettG - Follow JSTN on twitter - In the video I do my...

Reacting To Rocket League Videos With 0 VIEWS... (yikes)

Today, we react to more Rocket League videos with 0 views to see if they're truly deserving of 0 views or if the players are actually super underrated...

Trying the most unpopular cars in Rocket League

While trying to record part two of popular/unpopular cars, I came across some really interesting folk in the good old 1v1 playlist. ►NEW INSTAGRAM PA...

Can I finally hit Supersonic Legend in 1v1? | Getting my best save EVER?! | 1’s Until I Lose Ep. 31

In the Rocket League video, I'm on my supersonic legend rank up game and you'll see whether or not I can secure the highest rank in the game in 1v1! A...