A PERFECT MINIATURE CRAFT! We made a cannon pirate ship 3D model!

Imagine, we were overpowered by small annoying cockroaches! They're everywhere! They even started throwing stones at us…What to do with the scoundrels? We have an idea…Time for revenge!

Today we will make a cool mini cannon pirate ship from soda cans. Not surprisingly, we'll need empty soda cans, sand, wooden and metal parts, paint, and some improvised materials. Please, be patient! Because the process of creating this cannon pirate ship is not the easiest, but incredibly interesting. We are going to melt soda cans, sanded, painted and cut out the details, and create an internal working mechanism. Are you ready for such large-scale work? Anyway, in our video you will see a step-by-step tutorial, so you can repeat this craft at home without any problems!

It's amazing how you can make this small work of art out of improvised tools! Our amazing cannon pirate ship can shoot with round bullets, or it can just become a decorative element. It's up to you! So give a thumbs up to make us motivated to make more videos for you and don't forget to check out more cool videos on our channel!
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