Does Rebecca need to go to the hospital emergency room?

Matt and Rebecca learn How to Sneak CANDY Into a HOSPITAL! Funny Ways to Find Best Friends Secret Device. Next Rebecca Zamolo found that Matt LIED, Last to Stop New Years Resolution Wins Challenge. Finally the Game Master Network tried Confronting The Game Master to Learn His Secret Truth. Now in order to unlock the device we must count our steps in the game master network app to add up to 10,000 steps. Everyone must work together in this challenge to unlock the game master secret. Can we trust the game master? Also, why does Rebecca get dizzy in the middle of the challenge? Is she ok? Do you think that Rebecca is sick? Can we trust Matt's best friend? He has been very helpful but it might turn into a battle royale in real life if we are not careful. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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