Meet Ayako, the super happy and colorful Harajuku street fashion doll, inspired by fellow doll customizer, Mozekyto. What's your favorite Japanese street fashion? Did I even get them right in the video? It's a little confusing....anyway!

Watch Moonlight Jewel's doll!
Watch Mozekyto's doll!


Decora Fashion Documentary:

Beautiful hair and reroot tool from



New to customizing? Start here!

Water Colored Pencils - Faber Castell
Pastels - Mungyo Hand rolled Soft Pastels
Mr.Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
Acrylic Paints - Liquitex
Assorted glitters, beads, miniature foods
Premium Nylon hair ordered from
Nylon hair ordered from
Reroot-tool - drill chuck + needle
Elmers Glue-All Extra Strong Formula

Musical tracks (both free and purchased) from

Musical track from Dylan the Druid (on Youtube)

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