On Episode 16, Rick "Rozay" Ross joins the I Am Athlete Crew to ring in the new year opening up about his own life experiences and sharing advice in business, relationships and health. Brandon talks about his long standing bond with the music executive-entrepreneur and how it helped shape his own business aspirations while still playing in the NFL. As they reminisce, Rozay gets personal about his health battles which led him to find a more sustainable lifestyle, both physically and mentally, a passion that Brandon shares.

Fred and Channing tackle all the business ventures Rozay has created, touch on the keys to success and the life lessons learned along the way. Rozay stresses the importance of capitalizing on opportunities outside your craft and how to make it all work. Chad chimes in that he will be making a guest appearance on Ross' new album and even gives a sneak peak of his rapping skills! Talking music, the guys dive into the battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane and also ask Rozay his thoughts on 50 Cent and if a Verzuz battle is in their future.

Prepping a meal made for a 'Rich Boy", Chef Nancie serves up one of Rozay's favorites as the guys are impressed to hear some of Chef's experiences growing up in Queens and how she paved her own path to success. Finishing the year off on a high note popping Belaire and toasting to continued growth and prosperity in 2021...Happy New Year!


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