On Episode 21, it's the Super Bowl of the series for I Am Athlete, marking the end of season 2....but what's supposed to be the season 2 finale turns into a conversation on how to keep the series going and explore new topics. 

Picking up from last episode, Channing immediately starts talking about women's sports and says no matter how talented or respected female athletes are, they still won't get their fair share of stardom and money. Brandon and Chad disagree, saying now is the time (more than ever) to elevate women in sports.  

The animated conversation shifts to reflecting back on the past 20 episodes of the season and how far the show has come. Some of the more hilarious and memorable moments come to the forefront, including Fred earning the “Mr. 55-50” moniker, “Ocho over science” and Channing's “here kitty kitty” story, before Crowder kicks off a talk about what it means for the podcast to discuss money in the way that they do.

Referring to the guys as, "The old uncles on the front porch", Channing reflects on how the series has positively impacted so many lives and what people have taken away from each episode. Chad chimes in that the greatest teacher in life is experience while Fred opens up about how being vulnerable has shed light on a different side of athletes, letting the world know, "we are just like you at home".  Authenticity and vulnerability keeps everything relatable, says Chad. 

In the spirit of the finale, Brandon pops a bottle of Dom Perignon for a toast as Chef Nancie, Channing, Chad and Fred give their final thoughts. This episode is the second part of the Season 2 Series Finale...But stay tuned, as Brandon shares his vision to keep the conversation going and spreads the word for upcoming plans of the I Am Athlete platform expanding. 

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