Credit to Robin WIlliam's amazing performance. as Genie. We might have missed these jokes as kids but rewatching this Disney Classic you'll spot some new jokes. These references can be interpreted as 'Parental Bonus.' TV Tropes define this as: "A joke on a children's TV show that children of the appropriate age would likely never get, but which their parents would. Serves as a way to keep the adults and older kids entertained and usually takes the form of a Homage to a movie or TV show that children would not normally be familiar with."

Robin Williams on winning an Oscar 🏆 | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

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12 Disney Mistakes FIXED In ALADDIN (2019)

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Aladdin 1992 movie 3 wishes scene in hindi

Aladdin 1992 movie 3 wishes scene in hindi

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Aladdin 1992 - Prince Ali (Will Smith Audio Replacement)

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Robin Williams: Voice Of An Era [Documentary]

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