Our hosts try to #RuinADateIn4Words. What four words would ruin a date for you?

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Adrienne and Nick Cannon's Long Ago Date!

Nick Cannon shares a HILARIOUS story about when he went on a date with Adrienne!

Ladies Love Men with Beards

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Girl Chat: People Against Dirty

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Jeannie Reacts to Mama Mai's Platform Crocs

Platform crocs have hit the runway, and it's a bold statement! Who is wearing this around town? The one and only Mama Mai! Jeannie shares her thoughts...

Ariah Wants a Puppy

Ariah wants a puppy, and Tamera is torn. What should she do?

Can a Relationship survive Cheating?

Some couples seem to weather a storm really well and come out stronger than ever… but that doesn’t mean everyone can!