The police didn't take too kindly to Georgia flopping at Auburn. In fact, they decided to bring charges up against the Bulldogs.

SEC Shorts - Alabama really killing drama of who will be #1 in rankings

If there's one thing the College Football Playoff committee loves, it's suspense. Who will be number one in this week's rankings? Well, Alabama has ...

SEC Shorts - Tennessee's stadium DJ has the hardest job in the world

There's no doubt about it; the title for hardest job in the world goes to the man working the 1's and 2's at Neyland Stadium during football games. H...

How Bama Fans Watched Week 11 Games (2017)

What a day for the "Top 4" in the college football playoff rankings. I guess those numbers really don't matter until AFTER the season. #RollTide

SEC Shorts - SEC Cops bust UGA and Bama for their blowout wins

Blowouts are bad for business and the SEC Cops are stepping in to try and get Bama and UGA under control. SEC Cops is filmed on location.