SML Movie: Pokemon Part 1

WATCH PART 2: Bowser Junior wishes Pokemon was real!

SML Short: Bowser Junior's Allergy!

Bowser Junior is allergic to something! Special Thanks to our Patreon Donators for helping us make this video possible! Angel(umbreon DeanFromYoutube...

SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Breakfast

Bowser Junior goes to Waffle House!

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Game Night

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Game Night "SUBSCRIBE" - "LIKE" - "COMMENT" And share joy to friends and relatives of all of you! Thanks: X Thank you for w...

SML Movie: Sicken

Junior is sick with the flu and Cody doesn't want Ken to catch it! BUY JEFFY'S NEW SONG:

SML Movie: The Bake Sale!

After Joseph breaks every bone in his body trying to pull off a crazy stunt, Junior and Cody have to raise money to pay for his medical bills!