SML Movie: The Costume Contest!

Craig wants to have a costume contest!

SML Movie: Jeffy Gets A Cavity!

Jeffy gets a cavity on his tooth! Patreon Shout out!

SML Movie: Jeffy Skips School!

Jeffy's grandpa helps him skip school! Go buy your very own Jeffy puppet at

SML Movie: Jeffy's Wifi Problem!

SML Merch! Get the Jeffy Puppet here: Jeffy wants the password for the wifi, but Mario won't give it to him until he has finis...

SML Movie: Jeffy Gets Braces!

Jeffy doesn't like the gap between his teeth, so he wants to get braces! BUY SOME SML MERCH:

SML Movie: Bowser Junior The Faker!

Bowser Junior fakes being sick so he doesn't have to take a test! The Jeffy Puppet is now on sale for $74.99 at