Falcon 9 / Iridium 4 Launch on 12/22/17.

Shot handheld from my driveway with a Canon Vixia HF G20.

I heard about the scheduled launch 30 minutes prior and pulled up the SpaceX webcast on my laptop a few minutes before.

At T minus a few minutes I decided on a whim to grab the camera. Didn't think to turn auto-focus off (oops).

We're approximately 100 miles SE as the crow flies from Vandenberg. Local sunset was approximately 40 minutes before launch, making for spectacular lighting conditions.

My video starts around T + 1:31 at which point the Falcon 9 is going approx. 2145 Km/h and is at an altitude of 19Km.

At 40 Seconds into my video where the Falcon 9 crosses the contrail of a passing plane, the Falcon 9 is going approximately 5,000 Km/h and is at an altitude of 47Km....WELL above the passing plane that is probably at an altitude range of 5-10Km.

Mission info can be found here:

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SpaceX Iridium 4 Launch from Alhambra, CA

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