This video includes clips starting at L-28 minutes showing the computer problems, additional T-5 hold added to the count, Go/No-Go statuses and ascent information for OV-103 or Space Shuttle Discovery. Launch was on Feb 24th, 2011 and this is the last time Space Shuttle Discovery will ever fly.

Project Orion – The Atomic Bomb Powered Space Rocket

If I told that there was a plan to launch a spacecraft the size of an ocean liner, that would weigh 130 times more than the Space Shuttle, could trave...

Space Shuttle Launch - Best cameras from all angles __CamilleSk

Space Shuttle Launch - Best cameras from all angles __CamilleSk

Mars Direct in a Nutshell

To see the entire 74-minute movie, search for "Mars Underground HD." The official YouTube video is hosted by Blue Mars, published on Oct 16, 2014. For...

[Atlas V] Launch of SBIRS GEO-2 on Atlas V 401 from Cape Canaveral

LAUNCH REPLAYS: An Atlas V 401 rocket successfully launched on March 19th 2013 at 21:21 UTC from Space Lau...

[STS-135] Launch Replay From Atlantis Flightdeck

A camera inside the flightdeck facing the crew shows the launch of Shuttle Atlantis.

STS-93 Columbia Engine Failure

This is the abort of the launch of Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-93 in July 20, 1999. They aborted the launch because they had a little hydrog...