Giant Balloon June continues with Gav and Dan. In this episode, Dan loses track of his balloons. Don't try this at home or you might be someone who drowned in a balloon. People would laugh at you. Probably not the people who knew you but the people reading about it on the internet.
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2nd Channel!

Filmed on the Phantom Flex 4K at 1000fps
Submerged inside a 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys

6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon - 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan revisit an absolute classic with a slight twist. Now in 4K! Watch the original here - Follow ...

Over-inflating Footballs in Super Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

It's usually footballs that are doing damage to Dan's head. In this episode, Dan gets revenge. Follow Gav on Twitter -

Air Pistol Vs Candle Challenge - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan are always up for a challenge. Today, they use the most inaccurate air pistol to put out a flame from about... 3 metres away. Pretty hardc...

Underwater Explosions at 120,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan usually blow stuff up in regular air, but did you know you can also blow stuff up in other places? Follow Gav on Twitter - https://twitter...

Tongue in a Mouse Trap - The Slow Mo Guys

In this episode of "The Thlow Mo Guyth" a mouse trap lays the smack down on Dan's tongue so fast that even our high speed camera struggles to keep up....

Ultimate Backflop - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan show you just how lush water looks in slow mo, by jumping into a pool. Watch in HD if you can! Follow Gav on Twitter -