"Umm Actually, goku could just dodge the hat.."

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My Hero Academia with a side of salt

Watashi no kao wa oishi desu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch:

The Legend of Zelda with a side of salt (Breath of the Wild) FINALE

The final episode for Zelda with a side of salt, let's tackle Breath of the wild! I even avoided swearing to appease the gods of Youtube. WATCH PART...

10 SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Secrets and Easter Eggs You Can't Miss!

These are The Gamer's 10 AWESOME SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Secrets and Easter Eggs. What Easter egg made you the most excited? Are there any we may have mi...

Pokémon with a side of salt

I don't need to catch em all.. again Sorry for the delay, it was pretty difficult putting this one together having to hunt down clips and trailers. P...

VG Myths - Super Mario Odyssey's Impossible Jumpless Moons

The third and final VG Myths episode about the Super Mario Odyssey Jumpless Run! In this episode, we detail the moons that we've yet been unable to ob...

Symmetra with even more salt

Ding ding time for round 2 Symmetra with a side of salt: Twitch: Twit...