Super Smash Bros Ultimate All Characters in this Switch Video
0:55 Mario
1:02 Samus
1:07 Kirby
1:10 Bowser
1:14 Botw Link
1:21 Donkey Kong
1:27 Fox
1:30 Marth
1:35 Botw Zelda
1:37 Sheik
1:38 Villager
1:41 Mewtwo and Meta Knight
1:45 Sonic / Super Sonic
1:48 Princess Peach
1:52 Pikachu
1:56 Ice Climbers
2:02 Female Inkling & Male Inkling
2:09 Captain Falcon

2:11 Zero Suit Samus and Wii Fit Trainer
2:15 Pokemon Trainer with Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard
2:18 Ness and Lucas
2:23 Ryu and Ganondorf
2:28 Ike
2:32 Cloud
2:39 Snake
2:48 Pichu and Jigglypuff
2:52 Roy
2:56 Olimar and Diddy Kong
2:59 Lucario
3:02 Lucina and Robin
(Still updating)

Every Single character before will be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros 5 Playlist:

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