Super Smash Bros Ultimate All 68 Characters and Final Smashes and unlockable characters so far, you can find the list of characters by activating the description

SSB5 All 73 Characters Version:

Super Smash Bros 5 All Cutscenes:

00:00 Mario
00:18 Donkey Kong
00:37 Botw Link
00:56 Samus
01:16 Yoshi
01:35 Kirby
01:53 Fox
02:12 Pikachu
02:30 Luigi
02:50 Ness
03:09 Captain Falcon
03:28 Jigglypuff
03:50 Princess Peach
04:08 Daisy
04:26 King Bowser
04:44 Ice Climbers
05:03 Sheik
05:21 Zelda
05:40 Dr. Mario
05:57 Pichu
06:16 Falco
06:34 Marth
06:51 Lucina
07:07 Young Link
07:24 Ganondorf
07:42 Mewtwo
08:01 Roy
08:20 Mr. Game & Watch
08:39 Meta Knight
08:59 Dark Pit
09:09 Pit
09:14 Zero Suit Samus

09:37 Wario
09:59 Snake
10:17 Ike
10:38 Pokemon Trainer w/ Squirtle Ivysaur Charizard
10:56 Diddy Kong
11:16 Lucas
11:35 Sonic
11:53 King Dedede
12:11 Olimar
12:31 Lucario
12:50 R.O.B. / Rob
13:09 Toon Link
13:32 Wolf
13:50 Villager
14:07 Mega Man
14:26 Wii Fit Trainer
14:46 Rosalina & Luma
15:06 Little Mac
15:28 Greninja
15:45 Mii Fighter
16:03 Palutena
16:20 PAC-MAN
16:41 Robin
17:00 Shulk
17:08 Bowser Jr.
17:39 Duck Hunt
17:58 Ryu
18:15 Cloud
18:32 Corrin
18:52 Bayonetta
19:12 Inkling
19:31 Ridley

Super Smash Bros 5 Playlist:

Credit: GameAtHeart / SuperBrosTV / CommunityGame

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