This video is sponsored by Moose. Miss Lucy is giving a lesson today on the new Shopkins™ Family Season 11 Mini Packs and the silly kids couldn't be more excited for these toys! Addy and Maya really know their different Shopkins families as they answer all of the silly teacher's questions correctly. Special appearances include: Chef Pierre and Housekeeper Natalie from Toy Hotel and pretend doctor Lucy from Toy Doctor.

Introducing the Family Mart from Shopkins Mini Packs! It's time to have some family fun with all NEW Shopkins! Search the shelves to collect a whole family of Shopkins! There's more than 30 families to collect! Inside every cute Mini Pack is a matching family member to find...will you find a bonus Babykin?

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Music Credits:
Be Happy by Karina Stone

Where the Heart Is By The Seasons
Happy Dance by Funday
Wise Guys by Dresden the Flamingo
Sun Maestro by Issac Joel
Shine by OBOY
At the Get Down by Matt Wigton
On Top of the World by Idols
Low by OBOY
Dragon Dancing by PALA
Look Up by Aaron Sprinkle
Sun and Sea by Aaron Tosti

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