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iPhone X Face ID fooled

Face ID works with my half-brother? Doesn’t seem right... To those who think this is fake please watch this.

What happens if you shave your beard after registering it with Face ID on the iPhone X

The new iPhone X includes a Face ID to unlock the home screen. Apple says that it will still recognize your face even if you change your facial hair. ...

[Asian Face ID FAIL] My Girlfriend Unlocks my iphone X !!

GUYS, BE AWARE.... the iphone face ID has been compromised... it is no longer strong enough to protect you from girlfriend surveillance ! We are not...


Лучший магазин техники Apple и не только: Twitter - Instagram - Сайт - ht...

Totally Clear iPhone X Mod!

Super Cool See-Through iPhone X! Totally Clear iPhone X! Is Making Your iPhone X Rear Glass Transparent a Good Idea? Glowing Apple Logo Mod: https://...

Using An Infrared Camera To Show How Face ID Works

The iPhone X has a new way to unlock your phone. It's called Face ID. When it recognizes your face, it unlocks. Inside the notch at the top is the Tr...