Here are the obstacles facing rescuers trying to extract the 12 boys and their football coach from Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai. Channel NewsAsia's Glenda Chong looks at their options.

Meet the Wild Boars and the heroes who helped bring them to safety:

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Virtual look at the caves trapping boys

CNN's Tom Foreman has a virtual look at the challenges facing rescuers who are trying desperately to save the trapped Thai soccer team.

How did soccer players survive in Thai cave?

The boys reportedly drank water dripping down the sides of the cave, ate snacks they had with them and were taught by their coach to meditate.

Official reveals last-minute dangers of Thai cave rescue

The main pump failed after the 13th member of the trapped group was rescued, forcing Thai Navy SEALs to abandon their equipment , Gov. Narongsak Osata...

Thailand Cave Rescue - दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा रेस्क्यू - What happened and how Elon Musk got involved?

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Thai Cave Survivors Reunited With British Rescue Divers | This Morning

Subscribe now for more! In a world exclusive, This Morning reunited the 12 Thai schoolboys with the British divers who saved the...

Thai cave rescue. Full story in 2D animation, including behind the scenes.

We have all been captivated with the Thai cave rescue; how the boys got trapped and how they were finally rescued. This story traces events from the d...