After a difficult search, 12 Thai boys and their football coach were found stranded deep inside a cave.
But an audacious plan was still needed to ensure their rescue.

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Tham Luang Cave Rescue: The Wild Boar Football Club | Talking Point | CNA Insider

Their story gripped the world, as did their strength of spirit. How did the 12 boys of the Wild Boar club and their coach come by the resilience that ...

New details emerge about the elaborate Thai cave rescue mission

The elaborate rescue mission involved more than 1,000 Thai army personnel and 90 divers, led by a British team, which helped remove the boys through t...

How did soccer players survive in Thai cave?

The boys reportedly drank water dripping down the sides of the cave, ate snacks they had with them and were taught by their coach to meditate.

Rescued boys, coach say they never gave up hope of being found in Thailand cave

The 12 young soccer players and their coach made their first public appearance since being found alive in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave.

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A reported 60,000 individuals from around the world participated in this summer’s Thailand cave rescue, which saw 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach ...

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Sources in the rescue operation, including divers who took part, told the BBC that the boys were heavily sedated ahead of the rescue to prevent them p...