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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War has finally hit theatres around the world - and it's fair to say that the epic MCU offering has delivered.
The nineteenth movie in the incredibly popular franchise sees the culmination of everything that came before it, as the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and several other heroes come together in an attempt to prevent the Mad Titan Thanos from collecting all six of the powerful Infinity Stones.
While the movie undoubtedly gave us a lot of answers - such as where the elusive Soul Stone was hiding, which characters would bite the dust, and just how powerful Thanos was - it also left us wondering about just as many things.
In this video, we'll run you through ten of the biggest questions that Avengers: Infinity War left hanging.
Those questions are; What exactly happened on Xandar prior to the movie's opening scene? Did Valkyrie, Korg and Miek survive the attack on Thor's ship the Statesman? Where were Hawkeye, Ant-Man and the Wasp while the events of the movie were going down? Is the Black Order's wizard Ebony Maw definitely dead? Will we see the Red Skull again in the franchise? What's the current status of the Infinity Gauntlet after Thanos used it to complete his goal? Was Doctor Strange definitely one of the heroes who turned to dust? What is the one thing that Doctor Strange saw that allows the heroes to win? What happened to all the off-screen characters when Thanos clicked his fingers? And will we see all the characters who died in any future movies?
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1. What exactly happened on Xandar?
2. Did Valkyrie, Korg and Miek survive?
3. Where were Hawkeye, Ant-Man and the Wasp?
4. Is Ebony Maw definitely dead?
5. Will we see Red Skull again?
6. What's the status of the Infinity Gauntlet?
7. Is Doctor Strange definitely gone?
8. What's the one way the heroes can win?
9. What happened to the off-screen characters?
10. Will we see all of those dead characters again?

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