Welcome to one of the toughest winter sports - although it might not look like it. As well as being one of my regular videos, this is an ad for the Youth Winter Olympic Games! Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel: - and see the full description for more links.

Discover more about the science of Lillehammer 2016:

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The Art of Monobob:
The Technology of the Biathlon Rifle:
The World's Largest Underground Cavern:

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How To Make Snow:
The Second Largest Freezer in Norway:

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Epic shooting - Biathlon World Cup - Östersund 2013

Images : Shooting in very windy conditions during women pursuit in Östersund Biathlon World cup (01/12/2013)

How To Make Snow

In Lillehammer, Norway, it's time to make some snow. With science. As well as being one of my regular videos, this is an ad for the 2016 Youth Winter ...