Yup I got arrested once. When you have stupid friends you are most certain to come across stupid situations. Here's my story :|

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The Scariest Dream I Ever Had

This is the most terrifying dream I ever had. Mama seeks... Thanks to my brother for playing himself: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD_3I9BXxiwrk1...

My Crazy Imagination

I had a very active imagination when I was a kid so heres an embarrassing story about how I used said imagination Merch Store: https://creatorink.com...

Laser Tag

Finally it's done!! Hope you guys like my video!! Gabe the dog video➤ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFRSLqpq9xk itsAlexClark ➤ https://www.youtub...

I Just Wanted Food

All I wanted was some good friggin food. MERCH STORE: https://creatorink.com/pages/somethingelse-merchandise Come chat in Discord ►https://discord....

My School Stories

school is important.... for getting crazy stories out of to share with people on the internet -------------------------------------------------------...

Basically Everything You Need To Know Before Infinity War

I'm so hyped for the new Avengers: Infinity Wars it's ridiculous. So a made a video talking about everything that has happened in the marvel Universe....